To seek wisdom is to seek long life more valuable the gold going into the fight strong informed gunna give it my all tonite I don't defend my self but the honor of the holy one he protect me and blesses me I thnk you lord for this day may your will be done




Getting ready for for my art of fighting trainning wit the guy at ATT Kendall
As I was running this morning I realized that having raw talent and instinct is not enough u gotta eat and breath this life and I'm gunna fix tha tmistake as soon as possible #seekingPerfection




Everyday is a blessing and as such we as a people should take advantage of that in my opinion in another note got some pritty big things coming up just got a call about a big fight in October in orlando if I'm not mistaken so look out for that fight and come out and support me I'll keep you guy updated with more info !
This week I've been learning about humbling my like things happen that put you in a prideful position and as its well known pride come before the fall that's the lesson we all should take into heart take the time to realize wen you are in th position an use the opertunity to instill humility as a normal part of out lives ..! Peace be with your brothers and sisters
Felling real good weigh in we're great came in 140even an be one night away from the fight all the work and dedication comes into play my mind and body is in sync coming for blood!!
Hard work a dedication big fight this Saturday Mma at its finest defiant7 in port st lucie civic center florida comment for ticket info!